Belajar Sepanjang Hayat - GEOGRAPHY of SMA NEGERI 1 SUKABUMI

Drive to Mature with Science under The Blessing of Allah.



June 12, 2014

Belajar Sepanjang Hayat

Thalabul 'ilmi fariidlatun ...... (Al Hadist) Minal mahdi ilal lahdi  ======> Life long Learning (UNESCO) 
Enrollment has similarly increased in adult education programs, which are usually defined as part-time study not directed toward a degree. Adult education programs vary substantially. Millions of adults enroll in such programs for job-related reasons, often because companies provide incentives for employees to upgrade skills through training. Many adults also attend school to pursue personal interests and hobbies. A growing number of older and relatively affluent people has created a new market for travel, reading, and other kinds of self development. Many institutions of higher education have developed part-time, evening, and summer programs to tap the nontraditional adult market more aggressively.

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